All files are tested to R103 Compliance with VidChecker, All aspects of creative are to be signed off from the Agency/Uploader and this also includes, Creative Cuts, Spelling, Legal Height and Overall Content.

Duration of Supers is also very important, and they need to be Clearcast compliant. Clearcast have a great tool available to calculate the duration the text must remain on screen. Access the Clearcast Supers Calculator here


All Video Signals Should Comply With ITU-R BT.709:

  • Luminance (Y) -1% and 103% (ie between -7mV and 721mV)
  • RGB video levels -5% and 105% (ie between -35mV and 735mV)

The loudness level of the programme material must be EBU R128-2014:

  • Integrated Loudness Program : -23 LUFS
  • Target Level Tolerance : +/-0.5 LUFS
  • Maximum True Peak : -1dBTP
  • Maximum Momentary : No Limitations
  • Maximum Short Term Momentary (3 Sec) : No Limitations
  • Loudness Range : No Limitations

Slate Information:

  • Must include Clock Number, Title, Duration, Product & Aspect Ratio.Slate to resemble XXX/XXXX001/030
  • Slate must be silent
  • If OP47 is present add this to the Slate

Example Timecode (for a 60 second spot):

  • 09:59:50:00 - 09:59:56:24 - Clock Information
  • 09:59:57:00 - 09:59:59:24 - Black
  • 10:00:00:00 - 10:00:59:24 - Start of Commercial/Promo
  • 10:01:00:00 - 10:01:09:24 - End of Active Commercial/Promo - Start of 10 secs Freeze

Build Template


SMPTE OP47 (436M) Captions if present


File Name should resemble, AAA_BBBB000_000.mxf or AAA­BBBB000­000.mxf


Telestream Episode 7 "PleaseNote Episode 6.4 has a bug for AVCintra"
Apple Compressor 4 "please note requires Pro Video Formats 2.0.4, The Pro Video Formats MUST be installed prior to importing the Compressor file"

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 "Please Note that versions prior to CC have issues with files exported as ACVintra"